Creative All In 1 Terms and Conditions Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Effective as of  01/01/2020

Please review these terms and conditions to become familiar with Creative All In 1 terms and conditions.


Support Request Submission

Creative All In 1 requests that all submissions be completed through the online support form. This allows for response times to be handled within 24 to 48hrs. Support requests outside of the online support form may delay response time. 


SDLC ( Software Development Life Cycle )

Creative All In 1 will follow our own SDLC for your project request. If you have any changes to our SDLC, Creative All In 1 is removed from any liability, loss of time, monetary loss, or otherwise.


Clients Responsibility

Outline the correct business requirements that are required for success in reaching the intended development goals. Creative All In 1 requires that all business requirements are complete and documented. Project requests must be clear-cut and include screenshots, drawings, or wireframes presenting what needs to be completed. In addition, all details need to be clearly documented so there are no missed expectations.

The client is in charge of testing as shown in our SDLC. It is important that the client is familiar with what has been developed and how it functions. The client must allow for a reasonable time to test the development or function.


Issue Types & Definitions

Here’s a list of the default issue types that come with each development.

Task – A task represents work that needs to be done.

Subtask – A subtask is a piece of work that is required to complete a task.

Software project issue types by default, software projects come with one parent issue type:

Epic – A big user story that needs to be broken down. Epics group together bugs, stories, and tasks to show the progress of a larger initiative. In agile development, epics usually represent a significant deliverable, such as a new feature or experience in the software your team develops.

Software & website projects come with three standard-issue types:

Bug – A bug is a problem that impairs or prevents the functions of a product.

Story – A user story is the smallest unit of work that needs to be done.

Task – A task represents work that needs to be done.

Software projects come with one child issue type:

Subtask – A subtask is a piece of work that is required to complete a task. Subtasks issues can be used to break down any of your standard issues in Jira (bugs, stories, or tasks).

Service project issue types:

Change – Requesting a change in the current IT profile.

IT help – Requesting help for an IT-related problem.

Incident – Reporting an incident or outage.

New feature – Requesting new capability or software feature.

Problem – Investigating and reporting the root cause of multiple incidents.

Service request – Requesting help from an internal or customer service team.

Service request with approval – Requesting help that requires a manager or board approval.

Support – Requesting help for customer support issues.



Please read our Deployment to Production.


Expedited Request

Creative All In 1 shows great care, attention, and effort to communicate the timeline for projects. Requests that are outside of the business requirements for the project and need urgent action that is not a bug will cause a change order. Change orders will adjust the timeline, therefore causing an additional fee depending on the hours needed to complete the expedited request. Please submit any request through the support portal.


Time Blocks / Prepaid Services

Time blocks are prepaid services. You commit to a set amount of time to be used at your company’s preference. Time blocks expire after 1 year (365 days) from the date of purchase. As time is used for feature requests or development projects until it’s time to renew. Unlike hourly consultants with unpredictable availability, time blocks (Prepaid time) puts you in front of the support line. Creative All In 1 reserves time in our developers’ schedule in anticipation of your call or support request.

Time Tracking: Creative All In 1 will track time and will be used per the provided rate card. In addition, Creative All In 1 keeps track of the Balance and sends out a weekly email with time-tracked summaries of what was completed. Discounts are provided to the hourly rate based on the amount of Time Block Prepaid purchased.

Payment Terms and Conditions

Every Time Block Prepaid Service must be paid in advance for any work to be started. Creative All In 1 has the right to put a hold on any requests if the balance is below zero or if the continuation of the request would put the client into a below-zero balance.